Me, wearing the nicest clothes I own

Hi, I'm John.

I've been working professionally as a designer since 2008, but I've been passionate about design waaaay longer than that. I remember getting my first PC at the age of 10 and promptly breaking it as soon as I tried to make a custom Windows 95 theme (PSA: don't mess with .ini files, kids).

Since then, I've been privileged and fortunate enough to work on really cool problems in new fields of design and technology with amazing people who are way, way smarter than me. Somehow, I'm still here and working hard to do right by users and my team.

When I'm not designing, I'm usually taking photos outside or torturing myself and loved ones with insane hot sauces.

My approach


Displaying this graphic proves that I am competent


Avoid "obnoxious aggression", unless they deserve it

When it comes to design, I'm a big believer in employing the famous Double Diamond process. It's pretty the much industry standard. More importantly, I strongly believe in developing rigor around establishing a strong set of principles to guide you though any design project. When things get foggy, having well defined principles is the best way to help you cut through the ambiguity.

When it comes to leadership, I'm a huge fan of Radical Candor. I practice this method and encourage the same with my reports. I believe in advocating for my team, giving them opportunities to grow, and finding ways to let themselves shine through their work. I'm also really big on product truth and trio-driven planning. If something can't hold up in my planning sprint, it won't hold up as a product.

Speaking of sprints...I use the Google Ventures design sprint model religiously...meaning I take bits and pieces that apply to my team's current challenge and ensure that we more or less stay in the right direction as we try to do the right thing.